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Safe No Cost 
COVID Testing

> On-Site testing for schools, businesses, and organizations

> Delivery service: Pick-up/drop-off service offered for larger organizations and schools with simple instructions and effortless collection method

> One end-to-end digital solution to manage the complete COVID-19 testing process 

> Test results available within 24 - 48 hours


About Us

At KindlyTest we believe that the compassionate approach is the only approach to providing accessible COVID-19 Testing for our community.  By providing the highest quality Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approved test kits at your school, business, or residential facility. Our safe system is easy to use and ensures that the highest quality of healthcare and safety protocols are in place. Our goal is to form a community of patients who get tested to prevent the spread of COVID. We want to help minimize the negative impact to the community through surveillance testing at no cost to you. We all must do our part to make the world a safer place.

We come to you

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Businesswoman with Mask


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Nursing Home

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Integrated COVID-19 testing to keep students, faculty and staff safe for in-person education.

Solution for employers to identify, control and mitigate the risk of workplace transmissions.

Partnering with local & regional organizations, bringing COVID-19 testing to your community.

COVID-19 testing solutions to assist nursing staff with weekly testing requirements.

Our Lab & Testing Kits

Science Lab

Our Partnership


We are partnered with, the best-in-class testing supplier and a CDC-approved licensed laboratory which is registered with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).


On Site Testing

Drive-Thru Testing

Take Home Self Test Kits

Travel Certificate

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