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Pick-up/Drop Off

(10-50 patients)

KindlyTest will provide Covid test kits on a weekly basis for staff, students, and residential facilities. These are self-swab administered tests. A KindlyTest drop box will be assigned to your location and a KindlyTest courier will ensure that all samples are picked up and processed. Your results will be ready within 24-36 hours.

Onsite Testing

(50-500 patients)

KindlyTest Medical Staff will come to your location once a week (or more) for a scheduled testing event. We work closely with your organization from beginning to end to navigate the testing process. We have a streamlined testing process to ensure that your testing event is a safe and efficient  to test.

Customized Program

We provide customized programs for any organization, of any size! Our integrated approach to Covid testing gives us the flexibility to meet your specific needs. KindlyTest has experience creating custom testing events, from fairs and festivals to colleges and businesses. KindlyTest is here to serve you.

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